Who are we?

Updephye is looking to explore the opportunities that NFT industry offers and bridge the gap between the digital and physical worlds, creating a symbiosis that benefits every user and continues to grow into its infinite potential.

Core values:


The approach is based on blockchain technology. By using the publicly owned blockchain, we are providing the users with the safety of its immutability.


We are exploring the unexplored space between the physical and digital industries, merging them together, and paving the way for new growth.


We are looking to make a complicated concept simple for every user, no matter how much or how little they know about NFTs.



Updephye is passionate about lessening its ecological footprint, and being as green and as eco-friendly as possible, which is why Cardano is our primary blockchain choice.


Why are NFTs so special?

The main characteristic of fungible tokens, such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Cortex, is that they are divisible and interchangeable. On the other hand, a non-fungible token, contains something unique, which makes it non-replicable. This unique aspect can be seen as a permanent, unalterable certificate of authenticity, and is written inside the metadata of the token itself. This quality is particularly useful as proof of asset or ownership.



Many are wondering why we need to use blockchain and its NFT technology and how useful they are in our everyday lives. Simply put, since the ownership of the assets is recorded in the blockchain, NFT is digitally traceable, and therefore all forgery and fraud are prevented.


Want to work with us?

Updephye is starting revolution in blockchain, fashion and ecommerce. But we need your help to carry it out. Do you want to be a pioneer of a new era in these industries? Choice is your's.


Our Team

Get to know us better.


Đorđe Gligorijević

Co-founder & CEO

Former tennis player and passionate entrepreneur, Đorđe brings extensive experience and new perspective to startup and enterprise environments.


Uroš Stojanović

Co-founder & CTO

Business and goal-oriented, Uroš is an experienced developer skilled in creating successful and innovative strategies that show impact and solve old and newly formed problems.


Platform that brings digital and physical worlds together.

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